Well it’s been a long time since my last post. The website got shut down and things have changed at home. Reading regularly got kinda left by the wayside for a while, although that’s not to say that I didn’t get a book or two (or 12) thrown at me I the last 6 months. The girls have found some new books to be enthralled with and the toddler has developed an obsession with Cars the movie, and the toys, and the books, and well anything really. I never believed I could get sick of Disney movies but i have watched Cars and The Lion King just about every day for just over 2 months. I think I may be losing my mind. 

The Gruffalo

To my utter amazement I came across The Gruffalo as a board book in the local charity shop. For only 50p it was an absolute bargain and I though it would be perfect for The Twins, especially with what happened to Each Peach Pear Plum (Pocket Puffin) by Ahlberg, Janet, Ahlberg, Allan (2008). After getting ripped the other week, The Twins found it again and promptly tore a whole page out! I nearly died or is that cried, ripping pages is like sacrilege to me lol.

Now there is one small problem with this hardback version…… the size isn’t great for reading to more than one child. It works perfectly for one child cuddled up on your lap, and as the story is just great The Toddler absolutely loved it. I must have read it once a day for a week, even trying to put different voices to the different animals and everything. He did eventually stop looking at me like a I was a total idiot thank goodness. the Twins however have continued to give me strange looks whenever I put the voices to the story from day one to now. They love me to read it to them, grabbing at the book is an absolute certainty as are the squeals and shouts. Reading is never going to be a quiet affair with these two, well not for a while anyway, they get far too excitable. Its great to see tho as I feel I must be doing something right knowing that they enjoy it so much. It’s just a great shame that the books they love the most get puled off my bookcase ad slobbered on, eaten and ripped. I never though so much damage could be done to a hardboard version of a book by two tiny things.


Wow, so in the run up to the festive season (how very pc of me) I seem to have forgotten to post much in the way of blogs. Between the internet and laptop problems and the never ending stream of snot in the house I don’t seem to have found the time to write anything much. I have however been reading plenty with The Twins and The Toddler, and found a few more gems in my local charity shop again. In fact I came across one of my very favourite books in the world ( I know I probably say that about all books lol). Only trouble is I think the girls loved it a little too much….. but more about that later. I have a few (read about 10) books that I need to write up about, and some musings on Sharpemarket and the future.

I don’t seem to be doing too well in my little corner of the online marketplace, in fact while I am apparently getting plenty of clicks, no-one is buying anything. Maybe I should have put some more thought into things before I started, but I didn’t and here we are…. Anyone got any thoughts on what I should do with it? Have been told one or two things, but could do with some more eyes and opinions. I would like to make a success of it if possible. As much as I enjoy waffling on about books, I would like to be able to know that I am achieving something by doing so. It would also be good to know that I’ve actually helped someone choose a book.


Very sorry that I haven’t posted much lately. Been having a slight technical problem with my laptop. I’m starting to believe that me and electrical items just don’t mix. I have had the worst luck with phones and tablets this year so it was inevitable my laptop should feel the wrath of the curse too.

8 books for £3

So, I’ve been back down the local charity shop this week. Got all excitable as I spotted some of my very favourite children’s books. Must have looked like a kid in a candy store. Each Peach Pear Plum (Pocket Puffin)
just had to be bought, there was no way I was leaving that in the shop. I also picked up 4 Julia Donaldson books, 2 of which I also consider to be absolute classics. I also picked up Peace At Last by Jill Murphy, another book that I absolutely love. Many of the children’s books I truly love are ones I have seen read in schools. There are a few books that seem to be used the country over at certain ages because they are engaging and are able to be used in a variety of curriculum activities.
Lastly I picked up 2 books that I have never heard of that I thought I could read to The Toddler. Well, he had his own ideas on what was suitable reading material for him, and within a few minutes of him finding the pile of books he had decided I was reading all of them in one sitting. Half way through I had to beg him for a water break. I felt like I had just ran the Grand National, my mouth was that dry.
Decided to try Each Peach Pear Plum with the Twins, bearing in mind I had bought it for them and already read it to the Toddler earlier in the day…
Twin 2, that’s paper, it will….. too late. Big rip in the book (good job I already read it to the Toddler then). Twin 1, don’t you do it….. too late again. Smaller rip in the book (not sure this one will survive) Does this mean you approve or not? This is one of the big problems of reading with both girls on my lap, I cant hold the book away from them as far and as easily as I would with just one. However I don’t think I am up for reading every book 3 times…. Maybe when they are older I can get them to sit on the floor like a nursery lol.
Anyway, I eventually got the book read, they seemed to be interested, although not as much so as The Toddler, but then he was able to look for the characters in question, and have a giggle doing so. Me, I love the book, large print, simple but fun text, lots to look at in the pictures. A great example of Allan Ahlberg’s books, and a bargain to boot!!

Snow Bears

I need some Christmas books I think. Never really been sure on the whole ‘holiday season’ books, but now The Toddler is at pre-school perhaps I should get some. Looking through the collection we have, all I could find winter wise was [( Snow Bears )] [by: Martin Waddell] [Oct-2011]. The Toddler loves this book, its one I have to read more than once usually, so I thought I’d see what the girls thought.
Once we got past the issues of sitting still…. Twin 2 please stop bouncing, you will fall off one day, and please stop pinching your sisters dummy, it really doesn’t help. Twin 1 you cant have the book, if you are hanging on to it I cant read it and please don’t screw the pages up.. I tried to read it to the girls, it didn’t go so well. Despite the lovely pictures and sweet story they just weren’t interested, maybe the story was too long for them, or maybe they wouldn’t have sat for anything. Your guess is as good as mine. They did seem to be rather full of beans, probably too much so for a story.

The Mazerunner

So I finally found some time to do some reading for myself. Took myself off to the bath, armed with The Maze Runner (Maze Runner Series) by James Dashner. I’ve seen the film so thought maybe the book would be worth a read, not that I’m usually a fan of books that have been made into films, or rather films made from books….

Slightly slow to start with, it reads really well,speeds up as it goes along and isn’t too flowery. I’m a fast reader so I read my way through nearly half of it during my bath. The location and characters are well described and work really well, although, possibly the fact I had seen the film first helped with that. The made up swear words get slightly annoying, although this does mean that you wouldn’t need to worry about your younger teen reading it. Looking forward to reading the rest of it and feel that I need to go shopping for the rest of the series.

More important in my eyes was the fact I got to read anything at all!! I usually only have to think the word ‘bath’ and one of the twins wakes up, more often than not when I’m halfway through washing my hair. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy a good book and a relaxing bath.